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Welcome to my Blue Bird Blog! I'm documenting a pair of Blue Birds who nested in my nest box this spring.  The first brood of 5 babies is about to fledge!


fb03Mama builds the nest!

fb02The completed nest....ready for eggs!

fb01Mom and Dad at the feeder. Mom is reminding him that Mother's Day is soon and he'd best be taking care of her while she sits on the nest!

fb04Mama lays 5 eggs!


fb24 of the 5 eggs have hatched!

fb3Hungry babies!


fb5Mommy found a crunchy spider - yum!!!!

fb6Mama delivers a tasty treat!

fb8It's a contest to see who can get the biggest treat! Dad wins!

fb9Got some great wing action!

fb10The babies are getting bigger - note the worm on one baby's head!

fb12The eyes are starting to open! fb13They're looking like birds and the house is getting really messy!!!

fb16Mom delivers a treat to a waiting baby!

fb17Dad has a juicy worm for Jr!!

fb18Dad is doing his best to keep the nest clean by carrying out waste - this is called a fecal sac! Oh boy!! Luckily, dad takes it across the street and leaves it someone else's yard!!

fb15Hello baby blue bird! Are you ready to come out and see the world????


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